“Boldly Cooking Outdoors and Beyond.”
"Propane canister not included".
The Voyager Disc Cooker by CottleCo
$ 650.00 USD.
                   Plus S&H
•  Designed to Eliminate Wobbling and Shifting while Cooking
•  Easy Setup and Takedown
•  Legs can be Removed for Use on an Outdoor Table or Flat Surface
•  Legs can Level the Burner on Uneven Surfaces
•  Legs are Removed for Easy Transportation
•  Powder Coated for a Durable, High-Heat Resistant Finish
* Sculpted Handles
•  Provide a Firm, Secure Grip while Reducing Weight
•  Handles Remain Cool to the Touch
•  Specifically Designed Not to Transfer Heat from the Disc while
•  Integrated Spatula Holder
* Three Integrated Shelves and a Paper Towel Holder
•  Provide Strong, Usable Surfaces for Holding Cooking Supplies
•  Detach from the Base and Store Securely underneath the Burner for
   Easy Transportation
•  Powder Coated for a Durable, High-Heat Resistant Finish
* Hot Pad
* Wok Spatula
* Voyager Disc Lid
•  Used for Steaming Vegetables, Stewing, Melting Cheese, Warming
   Food, etc.
•  Protects Food while Cooking Outdoors
* No tools required for assembly.
Each Voyager Disc Cooker comes complete and includes:
   * Voyager Disc                                                                              
•  Very Smooth and Seamless Cooking Surface
•  After “Seasoning” Surface is Naturally Nonstick and Resistant
   to Rust
•  Made from Strong and Durable Carbon Steel that Evenly
   Conducts Heat
•  Disc Shape Provides an Easy Cooking Surface and Protect
   Food while Stirring
•  Non-cooking Surfaces Finished with a Durable High-Heat
   Powder Coating
* Rugged, Cast Iron Commercial Stove
•  Double 30,000 BTU Burners Provide a Fast, Uniform and
   Controlled Heat Source
•  Accommodates Pots, Discs, or Woks
•  Bottom Air Passages Increase Oxygen to the Burners and Help
   Eliminate Temperature Variations
•  Fully Adjustable Heat-Control Dials
•  Regulator with Five-Foot Hose
•  Integrated Propane Igniter
* Integrated Six-Sided Windscreen
•  Protects the Burner Flames from Extinguishing in High Winds
* Sturdy Base with Adjustable and Removable Legs
•  Set the Voyager Cooking Disc to Your Preferred Cooking Height
Voyager Owner's Manual
CLICK HERE to download.
* Stove Dimensions: 32 5/8" x 14"
* Cooking Heights:
•  Without Legs, 8"
•  With Legs, 19” to 38”
* Base Material: 13 Gauge 1018 Carbon Steel
* Powder Coated with High-Heat Resistant Finish
* Handles Material: Heavy-Gauge 3/16” 1018 Carbon Steel
* Disc Material: 3/16” 1018 Carbon Steel
* Disc Dimensions: 22” Diameter with 1 ½” High Side Walls
* Double 30,000 BTU Cast Iron Burners
•  Inner Diameter Fire Ring, 4-1/4"
•  Outer Diameter Fire Ring, 8-3/4”
•  Accommodates Pots from 10 qt up to 36 qt and 18"-24”
   Discs or Woks
* Weight: 80 lb.
Want to know what is covered under the COTTLECO Limited
Warranty? Click here
Voyager Breakfast Burrito
Voyager Breakfast Burrito 
Voyager Setup
Voyager Setup
disc seasoning
Voyager disc seasoning
Product Details
       The Voyager Disc Cooker brings a modern twist to an
ancient cooking form. Combining traditional wok cooking with
outdoor grilling is a natural progression of healthy cooking.
       Preparing meals or stir-fry on a regular camp stove requires
lengthier cooking times that leads to mushy vegetables and
overcooked meat. The Voyager Disc Cooker uses very high
temperatures spread over a large surface area to quickly stir-fry,
cook, grill, stew, or deep fry food for large groups of people.
You’ll easily become an expert outdoor cook when cooking on a
Voyager Disc Cooker, and the recipes are limitless.
       No tools are required for assembly. Each Voyager Disc
Cooker can be assembled and setup in minutes. All you need is
       Outdoor Cooking has never been so enjoyable for campers,
hunters, tailgaters, backyard enthusiasts, scouting groups, or
even food vendors. The Voyager Disc Cooker is made in the USA
by CottleCo and is built durable enough to last a lifetime of

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