This silicone pot holder has a silver non-stick quilted
silicone coating, and protects up to 200 degrees
Fahrenheit in intermittent use.
* Snaps securely to the lid handle
* 8" x 8”
This Condiment Dispenser is perfect for storing oil, water,
vinegars, sauces, and many other ingredients. The flexible
plastic bottle is easy to squeeze for dispensing. The wide-
mouth opening makes filling and refilling the bottle a snap.
* Soft, easy-to-squeeze LDPE bottles with Yorker cap.
* Wide mouth for easy filling.
* FDA compliant materials.
* NSF Compliant (National Sanitary Foundation)
* BPA Free
* 12 or 16 oz. bottles available
This shovel-like tool makes cooking and scooping in a
hot disc quick, easy, and efficient. The wooden handle
protects your hand and allows the spatula to be used
while hot. The contour and sloping sides of the shovel fit
perfectly to the voyager disc. 17-3/4” length can be used
in a 22" diam. or larger disc. The 4-1/4” wide shovel
makes serving and removing food a snap.
* Wood handle
* Stainless steel body
* 4" x 4-1/4" Shovel
* 17-3/4" OA length
Squeeze Bottles
Hot Pad
Wok Spatula
Plus S&H
$ 10.00 USD.
                   Plus S&H
$ 5.00 USD.
                   Plus S&H

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