Handles by CottleCo
With Paper Towel Holder
Without Paper Towel Holder
                   Plus S&H
$ 75.00 USD.
$ 85.00 USD.
                   Plus S&H
* Sculpted Handles
•  Provide a Firm, Secure Grip while Reducing Weight
•  Handles Remain Cool to the Touch
•  Specifically Designed Not to Transfer Heat from the Disc while Cooking
•  Integrated Spatula Holder
* Handles Material: Heavy-Gauge 3/16” 1018 Carbon Steel
* Handles will Fit Discs from 18” to 24” Diameter
Disc handles by CottleCO
Disc handles by CottleCo
Only the disc
Only the Disc
Product Details
      Adding a pair of CottleCo Sculpted Handles to your Disc or
Wok will provide you with a firm, secure grip. Each pair of
Handles includes an integrated spatula holder, so the spatula is
always handy. Specifically designed not to transfer the heat from
your disc while cooking, the Sculpted Handles will remain cool to
the touch unlike traditional horse shoe handles. Sculpted Handles
are available with or without an integrated paper towel holder.
Our handles can be welded to any carbon steel disc.
Note: Each handle will need to be secured with at least
six 3/4 inch long welds as shown.

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